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CPA Ontario’s Future Forward podcasts offer a refreshing gateway to new ideas and hot topics for professionals across industries. 

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Jul 3, 2018

For small- to medium-sized firms, auditing is still a very manual, time-consuming process. But, with today’s technology, and with transformation happening in almost every industry, the financial audit is ripe for disruption. With the rise of blockchain, artificial intelligence, automation, and the proliferation of data, it’s just a matter of time. Most large audit firms already have advanced technologies and systems that help streamline the audit process. But, what about small- to medium-sized firms? Current solutions only digitize some parts of the process. Many firms are looking for ways to provide value to their clients beyond the audit. Join Pete Myers and Liz West as they discuss the current state of the audit industry, how technology can empower these firms and lift up the entire profession, as well as the new growth opportunities being opened up by new technologies.