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CPA Ontario’s Future Forward podcasts offer a refreshing gateway to new ideas and hot topics for professionals across industries. 

Episodes are available free of charge to anyone using your favorite podcast app (open your podcast app and search for "CPA Ontario Future Forward"), or listen to them below.

Verifiable Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours for Ontario CPAs are available by purchasing a podcast episode or series. Please visit our PD Portal for more information and to purchase an episode or podcast series.


Sep 20, 2018

Academic articles and research papers offer a wealth information on all aspects of auditing. In this podcast, Liz West and Dr. Kristina Hoang explore how policymakers currently engage with the research, how other industries engage with their own academic research, and what auditing policymakers can do to improve the...

Sep 19, 2018

Dr. Kris Hoang’s academic research into the psychology of communication reveals much about how auditors and audit committees communicate with each other. Join Liz West and Dr. Hoang as they discuss the factors that can influence what is communicated and how and why some communications differ even in a...

Sep 18, 2018

In this podcast, Liz West asks Dr. Kris Hoang to share the results of her academic research on the psychology of persuasion, explore the role of persuasion in auditor-client relationships and discuss how to recognize and resist attempts at persuasion to maintain objectivity and fairness in assessments.

Sep 13, 2018

Canada’s startup scene has grown to include some globally-recognized red-hot companies. Slack, Ecobee and Shopify are just a few of the many Canadian startups that are garnering attention. With rapidly growing tech companies frequently raising nine-figure contributions from investors, what does the future hold? Join...

Sep 12, 2018

Disruption has been defined as a new market and value network, which eventually disrupts and

displaces established alliances, market-leading firms and products. As we’ve seen happen in the taxi industry with the rise of Uber, this market-altering chaos typically leaves in its wake a different way of doing things. Join...